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Chairman’s message

CHAIRMAN's Message

The Pillar of Success

The Anakapalle Merchant’s Association is serving the people through education and health-care from 1945 onwards. It has taken another step by starting ASK College of Technology and Management. Students, who join here, would leave the college with wider perception of the world, comprehensive knowledge, love for the country and strong desire to do well in life both for himself and his country.

The college has been established with all the amenities like state of the cart labs, Library, A/C Seminar Hall, Gymnasium, Hostel and travelling convenience to the expected level.

To bring the best of education to the rural people with the best equipment and teaching to bring out the best out of the student and to make the student aware that he/she is no less equipped to deal with the world than his/her counter-part in a Metropolis. That is the guiding spirit of this institute . “Luceat Lux Vestra” the motto of the college (let your light shine) clearly establishes that we want the students to aim high and be achievers in their respective fields.



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