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About Us

History of ASK College

The Anakapalle Merchant’s Association is serving the people through education and health care from 1945 onwards. It has taken another step by starting ASK College of Technology and Management.Students who join here would leave the college with the wider perception of the world, comprehensive knowledge, love for the country and strong desire to do well in life both for himself and his country.

We are proud that our institution with well-qualified and committed faculty and hi-tech infrastructure enable our students to achieve and further their career in the challenging world. With this note of confidence, I warmly welcome our fresher’s and am sure that will enjoy the high quality of education imparted in the various disciplines and upon that foundation, build a great future for themselves

Our Mission

Ask College of Technology and Management is committed to providing a positive, professional and conductive learning environment where All students are inspired to achieve their potential and strive for excellence in a global society as dignified professionals with the corporation of all stakeholders

Our Vision

To create competent engineers and managers who would be enterprising leaders in all parts of the world with the aim of reaching the skies and touching the stars and yet feet firmly planted on the ground – good human beings steeped in ethical and moral values.

Our Quality Policy

  • To provide for instruction and training in such branches of learning as it may deem fit
  • To undertake extramural studies, extension programmes and field outreach activities to contribute to the development of society
  • To acquire existing or establishing new academic Institutions department centers
  • To do all such other apps and things as may be necessary or desirable to the father the objectives of the institute

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