Building tomorrow’s world

civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design construction and maintenance to the physical and naturally built infrastructure for the fulfillment of basic needs of human society including transportation, communication, energy production, a religious, cultural, sports and community

the institution strives to provide students with excellent instructions and state of the art infrastructure in the civil engineering department and prepare them to meet the challenges of the future the department has well-qualified faculty and fully equipped lab.


Computing the future

Today, in the modern world everything computing the future is based on the computers and today every technical process and system are computerized for speed and efficiency .recognizing this the institution has formulated a special teaching methodology for CSE. The BTech computer operation and utilization of information the course is specially designed to keep students with the latest technological development.



The department aims to produce world class professionals with cutting edge skills in Science and Technology and who will pioneer research initiatives and emerge as leaders in the industry and society. The department commits itself to create an effective interface with the industry and community to impart education that conforms to global standards. It additionally creates conductive learning atmosphere that gives our students capability to face Global challenges


Shifting the gears of time

The vision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to be regionally , nationally and internationally recognised for its meritorious contribution to the field and contribute well qualified engineers who are innovative and immediate contributors to their profession the department aims to develop technical competency in students and help them solve engineering problems consistent with the ethics of the profession.

Physics lab


MECH lab

ECE lab

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